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Frides Laméris Art and Antiques is a family-run business specializing in glass, porcelain, earthenware and Objets de collection. From this area of expertise, we’ll be presenting a range of objects during Art and Antiques Week that take unity as their theme.

With specially manufactured goblets, people toasted to the concord and harmony of the assembled company. There were also commemorative glasses made to celebrate important, historic treaties.

China introduced a type of industrialized porcelain manufacture quite early, with more than 70 people working united on a single object.

You are very welcome in our shop and we’ll be shedding light on all these subjects in a series of lectures via zoom.

Zoom-lezingen in het Nederlands:


Oorlog, liefde, seks en vrede, op Duits, Engels en Nederlands glas uit de 18de eeuw

Eendracht in het maken van Chinees porselein

Zaterdag 19 september en zondag 20 september om 11.00 uur

U kunt zich voor een lezing opgeven door de dag en het tijdstip van uw voorkeur aan ons te mailen. Bij voorkeur voor vrijdag 18 september 18 uur. Wij sturen u dan een link naar de zoom-lezing.



Zoom-lecture in English:


War, love, sex and peace depicted on 18th century German, Dutch and English glass.

Saturday 19 September at 18.30.

You can register for the lecture by emailing us, preferably by 18:00 hours on Friday 18 September. We’ll respond by sending you a link to the zoom-lecture.  

Ceremonial goblet featuring a wheel engraving of the coat of arms of William III of Orange, King of England (1650-1702). The commemorative glass was intended to toast the Grand Alliance between Britain, Prussia and the Dutch Republic during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1713).