Antique Clocks

Lars Gude and Jos Meis have turned their passion for antique clocks into their profession. This resulted in a fine collection of rare antique clocks that represent their knowledge and taste. High quality and authenticity are of utmost importance to them.  Besides clocks, they sell barometers and mechanical music boxes. Because of the wide variety in the stock, there is always an object for the collector or the less experienced buyer.

The collection consists of 17th – 19th-century clocks among which mantel clocks, longcase clocks, travel clocks, carriage clocks, lantern clocks, cartel clocks, bracket clocks, table clocks, regulators, chronometers, skeleton clocks, Black Forest clocks, astronomical clocks, musical clocks, calendar clocks, mystery clocks, rack clocks, Frisian clocks, mechanical music boxes, barometers etc.

At Gude & Meis a clock is not only perceived as an antique object but as a unique work of art that deserves a special place just as a sculpture or a painting. Because of the wide variety, there is always a clock that will fit in a modern or more classical interior. There is the possibility when possible to show items at the home of the customer. In this way, better consideration can be made before buying a piece. We are willing to advise on the pieces and give all the background information and history around our pieces. Of course, clocks will the clocks be shipped, possibly installed and sold with guarantee on functioning and authenticity.

A rare and fine South-German late Gothic Iron home clock
Circa 1600