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A. Vecht
 'An important collection of German Stoneware' and 'Stillifes of Henk Helmantel'
Kunstzalen A. Vecht thanks his name to the gallery Aäron Vecht started in Amsterdam. The gallery consisted of more rooms, the ‘zalen’ , where he housed a broad range of art; Delftware, old glass, but also Asian art and contemporary paintings.
Now the third generation is in charge and the director, Mr. Constant Vecht sticks to the original concept of the gallery: Trying to purchase and offer all interesting and beautiful objects mankind has created in all periods and all parts of the world. Housed in the ‘Nieuwe Spiegelstraat’, the gallery is situated in the so-called Spiegelkwartier, the quarter of all kinds of art-dealers, nearby the Rijksmuseum.

A collection of German stoneware and paintings by Henk Helmantel.




22-30 MAY 2021


Take a look at the 40+ participants, dealers and galleries


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Hours: 11.00 - 18.00

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SAT 22 MAY 11.00 - 21.00

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