Egypte, kralenmasker.jpg
Kunsthandel Mieke Zilverberg
"Ancient Faces’/'Gezichten uit de Oudheid"

Mieke Zilverberg, MA in Classical Archaeology, Greek and Latin Languages and specialized in Antiquities since 1976, University of Amsterdam.

She is the only dealer in the Netherlands specialising in antiquities as well as ancient coins. Since 1990, the gallery is showing a fine collection of archaeological objects from Egypt, Western Asia, Greece, Etruria and Rome, ranging from 3000 BC to 500 AD. Also on permanent display, Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins in very fine condition.

Since 1984, Mieke Zilverberg is the Expert on Antiquities and Ancient Coins for the popular television program “Tussen Kunst & Kitsch”, the Dutch version of the “Antiques Road Show” in Great Britain.

In 2004 Mieke Zilverberg received a Royal Award (Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau) for bringing archaeology in scope of the major public.

Exhibiting at Jan Beekhuizen, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat

Egypt, multicoloured faience beaded mummy mask

Late Period, 6th-3rd cent. BC

Ex priv. coll. V.T., Netherlands