Remco van Leeuwen Antiquair
Gothic, Renaissance and Modern Art

The period covered by Remco van Leeuwen Antiquair stretches from the twelfth to the seventeenth century. Due to the wide variety of furniture, sculptures, majolica, glass, arts and crafts from mainly the Netherlands and Flanders, but also Germany, Italy and Spain. The family business has been around for over fifty years and is a regular participant in the well-known art and antiques fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

A  ‘Leuchter Engel’

Limewood with traces of polychromy

52 x 40 cm

Salzburg, circa 1460-1470

This Angel was originaly hung, such as the famous 'Leuchterweibchen', which functioned as a chandelier. In the one present, you can clearly see the mounts for this purpose.



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