Safety and COVID-19


During the height of COVID-19 in the Netherlands in March en May, the government installed a smart-lockdown, meaning shops could remain open and daily life could still go on. The organisation of Amsterdam AAW, together with the Spiegelkwartier has therefore chosen to look for locations in the neighbourhood, to hold an Art Fair with the streets of Amsterdam as pathways. The number of visitors per location can be closely monitored, which makes the event very safe for visitors.
Most likely, the other countries in Europe will go on lock-down and Amsterdam will be tourist-free once more, so we invite you to stroll along the canals!

- Safety and health of the visitors and participants of the Amsterdam AAW are the most important.

- Therefore all locations, galleries and so on will strictly abide Dutch law and health services guidelines.

- Dealers and our army of AAW Assistants and professional cleaners will regularly clean surfaces and ask you to disinfect your hands at one of the facilities provided.

- Dealers will have a separate space for you to take some extra time with a painting or object or will be more likely to reserve something for you so you can come back after hours.

- Every location will be able to hold a maximum amount of visitors to guarantee safety and health. Numbers will be calculated by the maximum amount of people per m2, as prescribed by the Dutch health services.

- Locations will be ventilated thoroughly.
- We ask you, if needed, to wait in line at the given locations, but you can always walk on to another gallery and come back later.

Your visit

The galleries and locations will be open from 11.00 - 18.00 daily and we will have one evening, on the first Saturday until 21.00.

We invite you to book a hotel for a few days and enjoy the historical quiet Amsterdam centre. Most likely there will be no tourists in September, so we have the city all to ourselves. Stay in one of the many hotels that are normally over-booked and take it easy; stroll along the canals like a true Amsterdammer on a Sunday.

Eating & Drinking

Local Restaurants and Cafes will make sure that there are enough places to rest, have a coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks safely. Street vendors will be placed in the street to make sure you will have all you need!


We advise you to travel by public transport, but there will be enough parking space around the Spiegelkwartier:


APCOA PARKING Prins & Keizer

Prinsengracht 927 (Vijzelstraat)

ParkBee - Keizersgracht

Keizersgracht 485 

De Hoofdstad - Prinsengracht
Prinsengracht 540 

Q-Park Byzantium

Tesselschadestraat 1G (Leidseplein)